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What are the characteristics and application range of silicone hoses? Is your company’s silicone hose different from other companies? A series of questions ensued. Today’s leading silicone rubber made in China OrientFlex has compiled a summary of silicone hoses: 19 frequently asked questions.

Nomber1:What is a silicone hose?

silicone hose is made of silica gel through extrusion through high temperature into a tubular shape. The tubular shape after high temperature cross-linking and curing has a certain flexibility and extensibility and is widely used in many industries.

silicone hose

Nomber2:Features of silicone hoses?

Silicone hoses are durable, break-resistant, and can also withstand pressure and extreme temperatures. Most importantly, it has high performance and is a reliable choice for automotive applications.

Nomber3:Classification of silicone hoses?

Universal Silicone Hose: silicone vacuum hoses, Silicone T Hose, Silicone Straight Reducer, Silicone Elbows, Medical silicone hose, Food Grade Silicone Hose, manufacturing silicone hose, silicone special-shaped hose, silicone hose parts. etc. Medical silicone tubes are mainly used for medical machinery parts, medical equipment hoses, and antibacterial equipment to ensure the safety of use. Food-grade silicone tubes are used for water dispensers, drainage channels of automatic coffee machines, and waterproof and moisture-proof circuit protection devices for home appliances.

Nomber4:How long do silicone hoses last?

Because the silicone hose has the advantage of aging resistance. If used normally, silicone hoses made in China can be used for 10 years without problems.

Nomber5:Are silicone vacuum hoses good?

Silicone vacuum hose has the following 4 advantages. First, it can adapt to the working temperature between -100°C and 350°C. And it has anti-oxidative aging resistance, ozone aging resistance, light aging resistance, and weather aging resistance. Second, it has good electrical insulator properties. Third, it is non-toxic and tasteless and can be used in medical, food, and other industries. Fourth, it has good high-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistance. High-temperature resistance (250-300℃) and low-temperature resistance (-40-60℃) performance.

Silicone Heater Hose
Silicone Heater Hose

Nomber6:Do silicone hoses leak?

NO. Silicone hose has good sealing and adhesion. With the correct use of silicone hoses, this generally does not happen.

Nomber7:Can you use a silicone hose for water?

sure. Silicone hose has high-temperature resistance, small in size, non-toxic, and tasteless, but choose a food-grade hose.

Nomber8:How do I cut a silicone hose?

Because the silicone hose is relatively soft, the section will be deformed when it is stressed. So you can be automatically cut to length, remember that the end face has a slight slope.

Silicone T piece
Silicone T-piece

Nomber9:How do silicone hoses improve performance? 

The heat resistance of the silicone tube mainly depends on the raw material. A good heat-resistant system will not help if the raw material is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of raw materials.

Nomber10:Advice on cleaning silicone hoses?

First: Gently rub with detergent, rinse with water, and dry in the shade after washing. Remember not to expose yourself to the sun! Next, clean the silicone tube with alcohol or by applying toothpaste. Third, glue with clear glue or tape. Fourth, short-term steam sterilization or silicone tube cleaning hot water heated to above 150 ℃.

Nomber11:The difference between silicone hose and rubber hose?

First, in terms of temperature range: silicone hoses can transport liquids with higher temperatures than rubber hoses; second, in terms of flexibility: silicone hoses have better flexibility than rubber hoses, which can reduce hose ruptures, etc. risk. Third: In terms of service life: the silicone hose can be used almost permanently. Fourth: Weather resistance: One of the advantages of silicone hoses over rubber hoses is that they are hardly affected by environmental factors such as rain, snow, heat, humidity, drought, ultraviolet rays, and ozone. Fifth: Inert Material: Silica gel is a very inert material that resists chemical reactions with other substances. Therefore, it will not corrode or stick to surrounding parts like thermostats or switching tubes like rubber. It’s less likely to stick to the stem, so when you take the hose off, it’s as easy to take off as to put on.

Nomber12:How to store silicone hoses?  

First, it should be sealed and stored to prevent rain and sunlight exposure; second, it should avoid contact with condensed silicone rubber vulcanizing agents and special chemical substances.

Nomber13:Can silicone hoses are available in multiple colors?

The conventional colors of silicone tubes are black and transparent, and the conventional colors are red, yellow, blue, and green. For some special colors required by customers, Achieve a certain minimum order quantity, our company can also make customized production.

Silicone Elbow
Silicone Elbow

Nomber14:Why we need silicone hoses?

First, it has many advantages. Environmental protection, colorless and odorless. High-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics; secondly, it has a wide range of applications.

Nomber15:What are the application scenarios of silicone hoses?

High-temperature resistant silicone tubes can be used in aerospace, instrumentation, Medical, and food, railway transportation, electrical appliances, household appliances, special transformers, sensors, etc.

Nomber16:What is the quality of OrientFlex silicone hoses?

We also provide an order tracking service. After you place an order, there will be a specific person who tracks the order from the material selected to process, produce, package to loading and deliver. All of the information will be sent to you. We try our best to produce the highest-cost performance hose products serving the whole world and become the global one-stop supplier of silicone hoses.

Nomber17:Can silicone hose be used for diesel applications?

Yes, silicone pipe car can be used for diesel applications, but it is important to choose the right hose for the intended application.

Nomber18:Can rubber hose be used for natural gas?

Rubber hoses can be used. Under normal circumstances, natural gas can be used with rubber hoses. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to the consistency of the caliber when purchasing rubber hoses. When purchasing, you can buy a slightly longer one, and the length should not exceed 2 meters, because the tube will expand and contract with the internal pressure, which will shorten the length of the hose. In addition, the long-term use of rubber hoses is easy to age, which is dangerous and needs to be replaced in time.

Nomber19:Where can I buy good quality silicone tube?

Established in 2006 and located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter that produce and export all kinds of Silicone Hose.OrientFlex High-performance silicone hoses are handcrafted in the most advanced factory with the top-grade material to the highest automotive standards. They are 100% inspected and we guarantee that they are the best hoses that you ever bought because they are tested and trusted by the best race teams. OrientFlex is the manufacturer and supplier of high-performance silicone hoses in China. We have professional pre-sale, sale after sale, and support teams that have rich work experience. They provide you with excellent business support and satisfactory service.

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