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Straight Silicone Hose

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Silicone meter hose is made of high-quality silicone material with excellent performance and reliable quality. We can produce silicone instrument hose according to your drawing.

Product Introduction

Straight Silicone Hose

Inner: 100% High quality silicone
Cover: Silicone
Reinforcement: 4 ply of polyester/aramid/glass fiber
Color: Blue/Black/Red/Green/Yellow/Pink/Orange, etc (Customizable color)
Temperature: -40℃(-40 ℉ )to +220℃ (+428 ℉ )

Silicone Meter Hose
silicone Meter Hose
Silicone Meter Hose

Detailed Specs

Silicone Meter Hose Features

●Corrosion resistance: Our silicone metering hoses can withstand various chemicals and acid and alkali environments, and are not easily corroded and oxidized.
●High temperature resistance: Our silicone metering hose can withstand high temperature environment and can maintain its elasticity and stability in the temperature range.
●High Elasticity: Our silicone metering hose has excellent elasticity and can maintain its original shape and performance during use.
●Safe and reliable: Our silicone metering hoses have been tested and inspected many times to ensure that they meet various international standards and safety requirements.(Such as FDA certification, ROHS certification, REACH certification, etc.)
●We offer OEM/ODM, We can 3D design, produce according to your drawings

Silicone Meter Hose Packing

Silicone Meter Hose Production & Packing

Customized package is available on your requests
You can customize the packaging freely. Print the logo or slogan on the package. And preserving them completely & transporting the products safely are our responsibility for every customer

Silicone Meter Hose Application

Heating and cooling systems; charge-air-cooler (hot & cold side); Turbo charger systems & custom compressor,intercooler or intake & inlet piping for turbo/Superchargers, etc.

Silicone Meter Hose application

Why Choose Our Silicone Meter Hose

1. Our silicone rubber metering tube adopts the most advanced production technology to ensure stable and reliable product quality. Our production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to ensure product consistency and precision. Our quality control process is strict, and each product is strictly tested and verified to ensure its quality and performance meet customer requirements.

2. The silicone rubber metering tubes we provide can be customized according to customer requirements to meet various application scenarios. We can customize metering tubes of different materials, different diameters and different lengths according to the requirements of customers to meet the specific needs of customers. Our customization services can ensure the perfect match between the product and the application environment to maximize the performance and life of the product.

3. We at Silicone Meter Hose also focus on continuous improvement and enhancement of quality and service. We operate strictly in accordance with the quality management system standard to ensure that the quality and performance of products and services are always maintained at a high level. We also provide timely and efficient after-sales service, and can provide customers with various technical consultation, maintenance and training services to ensure that customer needs are met.

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Silicone Hoses are reliable quality and affordable price, Contact Us to Get More Details!

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