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Pneumatic Hose

Pneumatic hose main function is to deliver pressurized air to actuators, valves, tools and other equipment.

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Pneumatic Hoses using high quality raw materials. Thus it is highly elastic with high tensile strength. Besides, it’s cold, oil, pressure, acid, alkali, aging and abrasion resistant.

PU Braided Hose

PU Braided Hose can be used to handle oils, greases, fuels and water based materials.

polyurethane pneumatic tubing

We can produce Silicone Meter Hose according to your drawings, we guarantee product quality.

PA Nylon Hose

PA (Nylon)Hose is suitable for compressed air systems, lubrication systems, oil flammable fluid lines, hydraulic lines, part Chemical fluids, the fluid light food product quality.

nylon coil hose

Nylon Coil Hose is made from high-quality nylon material that is known for its excellent toughness and elasticity. It can withstand high pressures and temperatures,

Seven Core Wire

Seven Core Cable is an advanced wire that used to control all the lights including brake light, turn light, flash light, fog light and other lights. 

PA PU Coil Hose

PA / PU Coil Hose is widely used in air braker, automated machinery, coating machinery, pneumatic & hydraulic machinery, construction and various pneumatic tools.

Air Duster Blow Gun Kit

Air Duster Blow Gun Kit specially designed for cleaning the dust of precision machinery,Can be used for household cleaning, Car Beauty and PCBA Cleaning,etc.

Double Layer PA Tube

PA Hose can be used to transport compressed air, water, oil, chemicals etc.

Air Duster Blow Gun Kit

Pneumatic Fittings provide the essential link between tubes, hoses and other components in a pneumatic system.

OrientFlex silicone hose are all strictly tested, such as pressure test, aging test, impulse test, ozone test, etc. Thus, we’ve got ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA, CE, REACH and many other certificates.If you need, we will send you samples for testing or you can ask for third party testing. Besides, we will provide test reports before delivery.We will also provide you with a silicone hose adapter.

Pneumatic Hose Raw Material Advantages

The raw material is Wanhua,Jinsui brand. This is famous brand in China. Also, we use 100% raw material to produce the hoses. The hose do not have recycled materials.
We have strategic cooperations with this big brand, and can purchase more than 1,000tons in each year.
What’s more, we can supply raw material report for you.
Also, we can supply customize hoses depends on your application. The hoses can uses in various industries. For example, Food and medical care, animal husbandry,etc. You can tell me the application details, so that we can recommend the material suitable for your uses.
For special uses, we use imported raw material, like germany Bayer BASF material. Therefore, our quality can be assured.

Where to use the pneumatic hose

PU hoses can uses for air brakes, pneumatic automation machinery, painting machinery, various pneumatic tools, etc. Also, it uses for air compressors and various connected pneumatic components, pneumatic hydraulic machinery, and so on.
Also, the hoses can make as recoil hoses. Recoil hoses use for trucks/trailers/semi-trailers etc.
Besides, we also can produce Polyether-based PU hoses. It is resistant to hydrolysis, antibacterial and antifungal. So it uses for garden, clean, water hoses and other purposes.

There are several Thermoplastic hoses materials

PU hose, PA hoses, and PVC hoses are the most typical material to use pneumatic applications.
Difference between each materials
PU hose is strong, flexible, kink- and abrasion-resistant. Also, it can withstand fuel and oil. Besides, PU hoses can use in pneumatic actuation and logic systems, robotics and vacuum equipment. It can apply for various medical and laboratory applications.

PA hose is tough, lightweight and stable sizes. Therefore, It can use for high pressure pneumatics, flexibility for routing in tight spaces. Also, it is high resistance to bend fatigue and low water absorption.

PVC hose uses in low pressure pneumatics and pneumatic controls. What’s more, It has good chemical and solvent resistance. Also, it is good flexibility and relatively low cost.

Anyway, We can supply PU hoses, PA hoses, PVC hoses. As factory, we can produce various sizes and colors.

Do you have any hoses inquiry? If has, welcome to contact us.

We have strict packing system to each order

We uses this standard seaworthy export cartons. Before pack cartons, PU hoses are wrapped into the plastic reels. Besides, the cartons itself pack with packing belts, so as to be more safe.
For the cartons, we can supply OE print services. If you want to print your brand on the carton, this is no problem.
For LCL goods, we suggest the goods to pack with pallets. The goods will undergo various procedures, such as inland transportation, warehouses, ships, and at the destination port warehouses,etc. Therefore, it needs to undergo a lot of handling. So, pallets is a strong way to protect the hoses.

Transport method Choice
We support you to choose your preferred mode of transportation. We supportby sea,railway,air,etc.
By sea, our most used port is Qingdao port, Tianjin port, Ningbo port, etc.

Excellent Services

Orientflex supply 24hours after sales services, you can always get in touch with us.
If you have any questions, we produce to analyze the reason within 24 hours, and give you solutions within 48hours.
We supply one stop services. Besides the hoses, we also can supply kinds of fittings. You can also find pneumatic fittings from us. We can load the hoses and fitting together for you. Also, we can help to fix the fitting on the hoses if you needs.

Workshop Introduction

We have strict workshop management system. Our production machine is advanced and accurate. Therefore, we can promise the hose sizes are no problem.

We have 11 production line. Moreover, each production line can produce 10,000meter in a day. That is to say, we have strong production capability. So, even when you have bulk order needs, or have urgent orders, we can adjust the production plan and meet your require.

Product Qualification

ISO 45001
ISO 14001

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