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SAE J30R9 Fuel Injection Hose

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The SAE J30R9 Fuel Injection Hose is a specialized type of hose designed for use in high-pressure fuel injection systems in vehicles. It is specifically designed to resist the harsh conditions and chemicals found in modern fuel systems, including the high pressure and temperatures that can be encountered in fuel injection systems.

Product Introduction

sae j30 r9

The four-layer structure of the hose: Viton lining + compound oil-resistant rubber+ reinforcement layer + compound oil-resistant rubber, which has excellent high temperature and high pressure resistant in the fuel injection system of popular car,such as: AUDI, VW BUICK, FORD, TOYOTA
Application: Used in automotive fuel injection system to transport gasoline,ethanol gasoline, diesel and lubricating oil.

sae j30r9 fuel hose
sae j30r9 fuel injection hose
sae j30r9

SAE 30R9 Fuel Hose Specs

sae 30r9 fuel hose specs

SAE J30R9 Fuel Injection Hose comes in a range of sizes to fit various fuel injection systems, and it is typically used in applications where high-pressure fuel injection is required, such as in gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems. It is important to use a hose that meets the SAE J30R9 specification to ensure the safety and reliability of the fuel injection system.

J30R9 Fuel Injection Hose Features

1. High-quality materials: Made from a specially formulated EPDM rubber compound, reinforced with high-strength synthetic fibers, to provide excellent resistance to fuel, oil, and other automotive fluids.
2. High-pressure resistance: It is rated to handle up to 180 PSI, ensuring that it won’t burst or leak even under high-pressure conditions.
3. Temperature resistance: Our Fuel Injection Hose is rated to handle temperatures up to 275°F, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments.
4. Compatibility: Our Fuel Injection Hose is designed to be compatible with all types of fuel, including gasoline, diesel, and ethanol.
5. Safety: Meets the strict requirements of SAE J30 R9, ensuring that it’s safe and reliable for use in automotive and industrial applications.
6.Temperature: -40℃ (-40 ℉ ) to +135℃ (+275 ℉ )
7. Standard: SAE J30R9, DIN73379 B1

Benefits of Using Our Fuel Injection Hose SAE J30 R9

Optimal Fuel Flow: Our fuel injection hoses are designed to minimize flow restrictions, ensure optimal fuel flow and improve engine performance.

Durable: Our fuel injection hoses are made from premium materials and are designed to meet or exceed industry standards to ensure long-lasting durability and reliable performance.

Superior fuel resistance: Our fuel injection hoses are specially formulated to resist the effects of modern fuels, including ethanol and other biofuels, to ensure optimal performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Easy to install: Our fuel injection hoses are designed with a smooth inner surface, making them easy to install and reducing the risk of damage during installation.

Lower maintenance costs: Our fuel injection hoses are made of high quality materials and construction to ensure minimal maintenance is required, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

Why Choose Our Fuel Injection Hose SAE J30 R9

1. Our fuel injection hoses SAE J30 R9 are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to meet or exceed industry standards for performance and reliability.
2. We offer a variety of sizes and lengths to meet specific customer needs.
3. Our experienced team is ready to provide technical support and assistance with product selection and installation.

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