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Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose

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Our medical grade steel wire hose is manufactured from high quality materials that meet the strict regulations and standards of the medical industry. These hoses are designed to meet the specific requirements of medical applications, ensuring safety, compatibility and durability.

Product Introduction

Fabric: 4 ply of polyester fabric
Steel: 304 stainless steel single wire, steel wire spacing 6mm
The inner wall: smooth transparent
The outer wall: smooth transparent
Temperature: -40℃ ~ 220℃
Application:Suitable for bulk transfer, high pressure, vacuum process, pharmaceutical, biomedical, load cell, pump, vessel or tank transfer, Laboratory, cosmetics, food processing and liquid transport(such as white wine, medical liquid, milk, water, etc).

Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose
2-Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose
1-Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose

Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose Features

● Meet Medical Requirements: the medical grade silicone materials, and the medical grade
304 stainless steel
● Resistance high pressure and vacuum : made from the polyester fabric four and the steel
wire, it is resistand high pressure and vacuum
● Uperization and Autoclaving:can meet temperature:-40°C~220°C, and uperization and
autoclaving, can be CIP SIP
● Sanitary Coupling: made from 316L stainless, with the standar SZR, one time press molding

Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose Detailed Specs

Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose specifics




Medical Grade Steel Wire Hose Application

Material Selection

1. Silicone: domestic brand silicone, imported foreign brand sililcone to meet customer quality and price requirements.
2. Cloth: polyester cloth, aramid cloth or mesh cloth according to your requirements, select the appropriate category.

Strict production process control

1. the strict use of the standard card.
2. the first three processes of the sampling system.
3. 2 processes before all seized the system.
4. the record of the entire packaging system.
Our factory introduce advanced teconology and equipment to make the best quality silicon hose. We test each silicon hose to guarantee its quality.

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