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Custom Silicone Hose

No Matter Your Need, We’re Here To Meet It.

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We offer OEM/ODM, We can 3D design, Produce custom silicone hoses, rubber hose, silicone intake hoses, radiator hose kits,air intake hoses, pneumatic hose.etc.according to your drawings. We can also help you customize radiator hoses, custom medical silicone tubes, silicone couplers and retarders, etc. The silicone hose can be in hump shape, elbow, reduction. This depends on the application in truck. Any OEM/ODM silicone hose, you can try to send us the OEM numbers.

Silicone Intake Hose

Silicone Intake Hose

Silicone Intake Hose used in vehicles, public buses, carriages and auxiliary vehicles as the worm air coolers, air heaters, radiator hose and water cooling pipes.

Silicone Hose Kit

Radiator Hose Kit

Various types of Silicone Radiator Hose Kit can be customized according to customer requirements,blue radiator hose,red radiator hose,flexible radiator hose kit,silicone coolant hose kit,etc.

European Truck Silicone Hose

European Truck Silicone Hose

Customizable Silicone Hose for European Trucks.

Russian Truck Silicone Hose

Russian Truck Silicone Hose

Customizable silicone hose for Russian Truck.

OrientFlex silicone hoses are all strictly tested, such as pressure test, aging test, impulse test, ozone test, etc. Thus, we’ve got ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA, CE, REACH and many other certificates. If you need, we will send you samples for testing or you can ask for third-party testing. Besides, we will provide test reports before delivery. We will also provide you with a silicone hose adapter.

Our hoses provide services for all walks of life. Including the automobile industry, manufacturing, food processing, liquid transportation, etc. No matter what your needs are, we are committed to helping you become your silicone hose supplier of choice!

If you need custom silicone hose, choose OrientFlex as your manufacturer!

3 processes of our company’s customized silicone hose

We are serious about custom silicone hoses, from product drawings to product finalization, our experienced team has the ability to meet all the needs of customers until they are satisfied. No matter what custom flexible silicone hose you need, you can be confident that we can handle the challenge.

Step 1: Design the artwork
Generally, the production drawings are drawn according to the sample size provided by the customer. Generally, plane drawing software, such as CDR or AI software, is used for production. If the customer cannot provide the sample, we can cooperate with the customer to complete the design and production of the drawings free of charge according to the customer’s requirements.
Step 2: Open the mold
According to the design of the drawing out the offset plate, and then use the offset to carve out the copper, and finally with the copper carving out the steel mold. Some silicone tube process mold production technology content is relatively high, the time is relatively long; Generally, five days to calculate the mold opening period.
Step 3: color mixing
According to the customer’s designated international Pantone color card color number or according to the customer’s real sample color mixing, our color ratio alignment, color difference is very small.

In the process of our design and development, customers can put forward their needs at any time, and our technicians will do their best to help and provide you with the best customized hose guidance.

OrinetFlex promises to every cooperative customer that we will ensure that each customized silicone hose meets the highest product standards. We provide multi-step inspection, and strict product testing will be carried out from product raw materials to finished products. Make sure every silicone hose you receive is of high quality.

Custom silicone hose case

100% restore the customized hose products required by customers

Customer supplied drawings of custom radiator hose

Customize silicone hose according to the samples provided by customers

Customize radiator hose color,logo, packaging

Our products serve businesses in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, food processing, liquid transportation and more. No matter what your needs are, we are committed to becoming your preferred Chinese silicone hose supplier!

If you have hose details in 3D format CAD files or pictures please forward these to Email: [email protected]

Our Product Qualification

ISO 14001

We have been focused since 2006 on finding and creating customized silicone hose solutions that customers rely on, just as you need, So we can provide customized services. We ensure that each custom hose is built to the highest standards. Fill out the form below to get started.

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