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OrientFlex is a professional supplier and manufacturer of automotive rubber hose. Imported rubber is used to ensure the quality of products. We can also provide you with competitive EXW price. Support customized automotive hoses.

Fuel Hose

SAE J30 R6 fuel hose adopts the design of reinforced inner layer and reinforced outer layer. It has good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can meet various fuel transportation needs.

Brake Hose SAE J1401

SAE J1401 brake hose is made of special rubber and has good pressure resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can meet the needs of various braking systems

Rubber Brake Hose SAE J1402

The SAE J1402 air brake hose is expertly engineered using the finest ozone-resistant synthetic rubber (EPDM), ensuring unparalleled durability and unwavering performance.

Oil Cooler Hose

Oil Cooler Hose SAEJ1532 is a multi-purpose hose made of NBR and stainless steel braid. It has good pressure resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can meet the needs of various industrial applications.

sae j2064

We offering a full line of SAE J2064 air conditioning hose, including Type C and Type E options. Whether you need thin wall hose or thick wall hose, we have the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

SAE J20 R3

SAE J20 R3 hose is a versatile hose suitable for a variety of applications including glycol solutions and brake fluid systems.

J844 Air Brake Tubing

Air Brake Tubing is produced in a SAE j844 Type A (Single-wall extruded Nylon) and a SAE j844 Type B (Nylon core, Fiber reinforcement, Nylon jacket) tubing.

Power Steering Hose SAEJ188

SAE J188 hose is an oil-resistant hose that meets SAE J188 standards. It is woven from high-strength fibers and lined with CSM synthetic rubber.


The J189 transmission cooler hose is a crucial component of automatic transmissions, designed to connect the transmission to an external cooler.

3-in-1 Electrical & Air Assemblies

3-in-1 Electrical & Air Assemblies are a complete system that provides a convenient and reliable way to connect tractor-trailers.

Brake Hose Assembly

The AN3 Brake Hose Assembly is a versatile component that has gained widespread popularity among enthusiasts of electric mobility, mountain biking, and motorcycles.

EPDM Radiator Hose

EPDM radiator hose is made of the finest quality, EPDM rubber with polyester or aramid reinforcement for optimal performance under hood conditions.


J30 R9 Fuel Injection Hose designed specifically for used in automotive fuel injection system to transport gasoline, ethanol gasoline, diesel and lubricating oil.

Urea hose

DEF hose (AdBlue) is a hose made of ETFE and PA12 materials for transporting automotive urea. It has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and abrasion resistance, Can be used in harsh environments for a long time.

At OrientFlex, we are committed to providing exceptional quality automotive rubber hoses that meet the highest industry standards. To ensure the unwavering performance and durability of our hoses, we subject them to a comprehensive testing regimen that encompasses various aspects, including:
Pressure Testing: Our hoses undergo rigorous pressure testing to verify their ability to withstand the demanding pressures encountered in automotive applications.
Aging Testing: We simulate the effects of long-term exposure to harsh environmental conditions through accelerated aging testing, ensuring that our hoses maintain their integrity over extended periods.
Impulse Testing: Our hoses are subjected to impulse testing to evaluate their resilience against sudden pressure fluctuations, ensuring their ability to handle the dynamic demands of automotive systems.
Ozone Testing: We expose our hoses to ozone testing to assess their resistance to the damaging effects of ozone, a common component of atmospheric air that can degrade rubber over time.
Comprehensive Testing Options for Your Assurance
In addition to our own rigorous testing procedures, we offer you the flexibility to choose from two Testing options:
Sample Testing: If you prefer, we can send you samples of our automotive rubber hoses for your own testing purposes, allowing you to verify their quality firsthand.
Third-Party Testing: For an independent assessment of our hoses, we can arrange for third-party testing at your request, ensuring that our products meet your specific requirements.
Test Reports for Transparency and Confidence
Prior to delivery, we provide you with comprehensive test reports detailing the results of our quality control testing. These reports serve as transparent documentation of our commitment to providing hoses that meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

We can supply customized as well, you can send us OE code, we can make hoses as your request. The customize radiator hoses, air intake hoses are available as well.

Auto Rubber hoses FAQ


Usually 1000m/size, For customize type, we can talk details.

Delivery time

Usually 25-30 days. If needs urgent, we can adjust the production time for you.

Can we supply samples?

Yes, we can supply samples. So, when you have sample needs, welcome to contact us.

Is it okay to print clients’ brand?

No problem, we supply customize print service.

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