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Automotive Rubber Hose

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OrientFlex as a professional supplier&manufacturer of Automotive Rubber Hose. Entity manufacturers, manufacturers direct sales, can be customized Auto rubber hose, quality system certification, safe and reliable large entity manufacturers.

Fuel Hose

Fuel Hose SAE J30 R6

Fuel Hose SAE J30 R6 is Reinforced with Inner Tube, Inner Tube, and Reinforced layer.

Rubber Brake Hose

Rubber Brake Hose SAE J1401

Rubber Brake Hose SAE J1401 is made of special rubber for high durability.

Rubber Brake Hose

Rubber Brake Hose SAE J1402

Brake Hose SAE J1402 is made of excellent ozone resistant synthetic rubber(EPDM).

Oil Cooler Hose

Oil Cooler Hose SAEJ1532

Oil Cooler Hose SAE J1532 is manufactured by NBR and stainless steel braided layer for different industries.

Rubber Air Conditioner Hose

Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064

Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064 Type C #6,#8,#10,#12 Auto R134a refrigerant air conditioning line assembly with PA barrier thick / thin wall.

Rubber Heater Hose SAE J20 R3

Rubber Heater Hose SAE J20 R3

Rubber Heater Hose SAE J20 R3 suitable for ethylene glycol solutions; Special rubber formula with perfect brake fluid compatibility.

power steering hose SAE J188

Power Steering Hose SAEJ188

Power Steering Hose SAE J188 from high tensile fiber braided; Oil resistance synthetic rubber (CSM)

3-in-1 Electrical & Air Assemblies

3-in-1 Electrical And Air Assemblies

3-in-1 Electrical & Air Assemblies applied as complete system for tractor-trailer connections.

Brake Hose Assembly

Brake Hose Assembly AN3

AN3 Brake Hose Assembly is mostly used to refit electrical mobile, mountain bike and motorcycle.

EPDM Radiator Hose

EPDM Radiator Hose

EPDM radiator hose is made of the finest quality, EPDM rubber with polyester or aramid reinforcement for optimal performance under hood conditions.

OrientFlex silicone hose are all strictly tested, such as pressure test, aging test, impulse test, ozone test, etc. Thus, we’ve got ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA, CE, REACH and many other certificates.If you need, we will send you samples for testing or you can ask for third party testing. Besides, we will provide test reports before delivery.We will also provide you with a silicone hose adapter.

We can supply customized as well, you can send us OE code, we can make hoses as your request. The customize radiator hoses, air intake hoses are available as well.

Our Product Qualification

ISO 45001
ISO 14001

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