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Silicone T Piece

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Silicone T Hose is made of high-elastic silicone material, which can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature airflow, and has excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

Product Introduction

Inner: 100% High quality silicone
Cover: Silicone
Reinforcement: 4 ply of polyester/aramid/glass fiber
Color: Blue/Black/Red/Green/Yellow/Pink/Orange, etc
Temperature:-40℃ ( -40 ℉ ) to +220℃ (+428 ℉ )
Silicone T Piece Application: Used in automotive heating and cooling systems, air conditioning systems and exhaust systems, charge air coolers (hot and cold side), turbocharging systems and customized compressor, intercooler or turbo/supercharger intake and inlet piping, etc., to ensure the smooth operation of these systems.

silicone t piece
Balck silicone t pipe
silicone t hose

T piece Silicone Hose Features

   Corrosion and weather resistance
  Good electrical insulating performance
  No taste, no toxic, eco-friendly.
  Having physical laziness,Good air permeability
  We offer OEM/ODM, We can 3D design, produce according to your drawings.

Silicone T Pipe Detailed Specs

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silicone t piece Production & Packing

Silicone T Hose Packing
Silicone T Hose Production

Frequently Asked Questions about silicone T piece

What is the service life of a silicone t piece?

The service life of silicone T-tubing depends on its size and application. Generally, silicone T-tubing has a service life of between 5 and 10 years.

How is silicone t hose installed?

How silicone T-tubes are installed depends on their specifications and application. In general, silicone T-pipe is installed as follows:
Clean the pipe joints.
Apply pipe sealant.
Insert the tubing into the T-pipe fitting.
Secure the tubing with a clamp.

What are the dimensions of silicone T-hose?

The dimensions of silicone T-tubing are usually expressed in terms of inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD). The ID is the inside diameter of the tubing and the OD is the outside diameter of the tubing.

What color is silicone T-hose?

In addition to the regular colors of black, blue, red, yellow, green and orange, customized color services are provided

How can silicone T hose be cleaned?

Silicone T-Tubes can be cleaned with warm water and soap. If the tubing is contaminated, a special tube cleaner can be used.

How are silicone T hoses stored?

Silicone T-Tubing should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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