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Air Intake Hose

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Our company Can be customized Mercedes-Benz,Bavarian Motor Work,Opel air intake hose and so on.Our air intake hoses It has the characteristics of wear resistance,aging resistance and high temperature resistance.Using high quality raw materials to ensure product quality and on time delivery.

Intake hose has the following characteristics

Resistant to wear and tear
Resistance to aging
Corrosion resistant
High temperature resistant
Good elasticity

The working principle of the intake system

The intake system is usually mounted on the rear of the grille or hood to collect air while the vehicle is moving, and the intake hose collects outside air and directs it to the air filter.
Dust, stones, pollen and other debris remain in the air filter through the filter, and the filtered clean air flows into the engine.
The intake hose connects the air filter to the throttle body. Every time the driver presses the gas pedal, a valve in the throttle body opens, allowing filtered air to flow to the intake manifold.
A network of hoses in the intake manifold distributes clean air to each engine cylinder, where it is mixed with fuel for combustion.

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