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We can customize air intake hose for Mercedes-Benz, Bavarian Motor Work, Opel and other brands. Our engine air intake hoses resists wear, aging and high temperature. We produce it with quality raw material and we guarantee the quality delivery time.

Intake hoses has the following characteristics

Resistant to wear and tear
Resistance to aging
Corrosion resistant
High temperature resistant
Good elasticity

The working principle of the intake system

The intake system is usually mounted on the rear of the grille or hood to collect air while the vehicle is moving, and the air intake tube collects outside air and directs it to the air filter.
Dust, stones, pollen and other debris remain in the air filter through the filter, and the filtered clean air flows into the engine.
The air intake tube connects the air filter to the throttle body. Every time the driver presses the gas pedal, a valve in the throttle body opens, allowing filtered air to flow to the intake manifold.
A network of hoses in the intake manifold distributes clean air to each engine cylinder, where it is mixed with fuel for combustion.

The air intake pipe has two different materials EPDM and silicone

air intake hose

How To Replace Air Intake Hose

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace air intake hose

The lifespan of a air intake duct varies depending on several factors, such as the materials used, driving conditions, and maintenance. Generally, it’s recommended to inspect your Air intake pipe every 50,000 miles and replace it if you notice any signs of damage, wear, or cracking.

What are the signs of a bad air intake pipe?

The signs of a bad air induction hose include decreased engine performance, reduced fuel efficiency, rough idling, strange noises, and a check engine light. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s essential to inspect your air intake system and replace the hose if necessary.

Do you offer custom air intake pipes?

Yes, Yes, we provide customized air induction hose services for different car models, including color, length, packaging, etc. Meet your different needs.

What's the difference between an OEM and an aftermarket air inlet hose?

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) air Intake Tubes are made by the same manufacturer that produced the original parts for vehicles. who offer alternative options that may offer additional features, improved performance, and customization options.

Can I install a air inlet hose myself?

Yes, installing a air intake hose is a simple process that can be done at home with basic tools. However, if you’re not comfortable with DIY car maintenance, it’s best to seek the help of a professional mechanic.

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