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Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064

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ORIENTFLEX can supply Air Conditioning Hose Type C and Type E. What’s more, they have thin wall and thick walls.

AC hose type C

SAE J2064 Type C

● CSM/IIR+PA+EPDM/CSM/IIR+Reinforced PET/PVA (braided)+EPDM
● CSM/IIR+PA+EPDM/CSM/IIR+Reinforced PET/PVA (twined)+EPDM/CSM/IIR+Reinforced PET/PVA (twined)+EPDM

AC Hose Type E J2064

SAE J2064 Type E

PA+EPDM/CSM/IIR+Reinforced PET/PVA (braided)+EPDM
PA+EPDM/CSM/IIR+Reinforced PET/PVA(twined)+EPDM/CSM/IIR+Reinforced

Auto Air Conditioning Hose Assembly


AC Hose Connectors

AC Connectors

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