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BMW Radiator Hose

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Product Introduction

Material: airtight EPDM rubber
Custom BMW coolant hose:
Orientflex produces BMW coolant hose to meet the market demand .It owns hundreds of models to produce OE radiator hoses for Germany cars, European cars, Japan Cars, Korean Cars, USA Cars, etc. Fit for a variety of car brands’

coolant hose bmw
BMW Radiator Hose
bmw upper radiator hose

BMW Radiator Hose Characteristics

1. Quality EPDM raw material:exacting standards using high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of daily driving.
2. Easy installation:designed to be easy to install, making it easy for mechanics to replace the old hose with a new one. This can save time and money on repairs.
3. OEM service – for a variety of cars
4. Reliable Performance: OEM BMW radiator hoses are designed to provide reliable performance over the life of the hose. This helps to prevent engine overheating, which can cause serious damage to the engine.
5. Samples are available

NO. OEM NO. BMW Images NO. OEM NO. BMW Images
1 11537500733 X5 11537500733 2 11537508688 X5 11537508688
3 11537500735 X5
11537500735 4 11531439120 X5
5 11537500752 X5
11537500752 6 11157608144 3 Series 11157608144
7 11537519710 E60 11537519710 8 11537510120 X5
9 11537500746 X5
11537500746 10 11531439123 X5
11 11537500750 X5
11537500750 12 11157532629 E46
13 11531436409 E46 11531436409 14 11531438633 E39 11531438633
15 11531438632 E38
11531438632 16 11537511207 E38
17 11151743386 E36
11151743386 18 11531705210 E36
19 11537502525 E36
11537502525 20 17125A05950 B46
21 11537519494 3 Series
5 Series
11537519494 22 11531438634 525i 11531438634
23 11531705224 525i 11531705224 24 11537505228 E38
25 11531436410 328i 11531436410 26 11531436408(2) 325xi 11531436408(2)
27 11531436368(2) E46 11531436368(2) 28 11537502000 E46
29 11531436407(2) E46 11531436407(2) 30 11531705223(2) 525i 11531705223(2)
31 11537505229 Passat 11537505229 32 11531439134 X3
33 11531741265 E38
11531741265 34 11533400207 X3 11533400207
33 11531436406 E46 11531436406        

In addition to the above OEM numbers, we also provide the following models: 17117541143, 11531726344, 11531745595, 11531722218, 11537838214, 11531718980, 11531279895, 11531289859, 11531741409, 115 31286914,11531721708,11537830716,bmw 17127531579,11531276647,11537830715,11537840661,11531721709,bmw 17127565094,1153174140 7, 11537848502,etc. for details, please contact our experts to get a free quotation.

orientflex advantages

Why OrientFlex is your Unique Manufacturer and Supplier

  • We offer a wide range of BMW radiator hoses, including upper and lower hoses, expansion tank hoses and more. Our hoses are compatible with a wide range of BMW models, including the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X Series and Z Series.
  • We offer a wide selection of BMW coolant hose, each designed to meet or exceed OEM standards. Made from premium materials, our hoses are designed to provide superior heat resistance and durability, ensuring your engine stays cool and runs smoothly.
  • Complete after-sales service. Our team of experts can help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your radiator, ensuring you receive the best support and service possible.

FAQ About BMW Radiator Hoses

How often should I replace my BMW coolant hose?

Radiator hoses generally last about 5 years or 60,000 miles, but this can vary depending on driving conditions and maintenance habits. Regular inspections are key to determining the right time for replacement.

Can I drive my BMW with a leaking radiator hose?

Driving with a leaking radiator hose is not advisable. It can lead to engine overheating and severe damage. If you notice a leak, replace the hose as soon as possible.

What is the difference between upper and lower radiator hoses?

The BMW upper radiator hose connects the top of the engine to the radiator, carrying hot coolant from the engine to the radiator for cooling. The BMW lower radiator hose returns the cooled coolant from the radiator to the engine.

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