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Many people worry about is in the process of transportation, a variety of materials, such as oil and gas pipelines will happen to a certain degree of corrosion, when need to repair the pipeline corrosion, repair is not a very simple thing, the mining of the soil, will replace the whole length of a pipe, generally very troublesome, in order to avoid the problems of this again, you can try to choose rubber hose. Today I would like to explain to you why we choose rubber hose, what are its advantages?

In essence, hose can be used to transport are very different materials, only many people may find the cost more expensive because the different degrees of bending can be achieved in general very convenient, using materials that can largely prevent corrosion during pipeline transport. In fact, if you buy in bulk, the price of rubber hose is not very high, and generally speaking, there is a certain relationship with the diameter of the pipe. If you want the diameter of rubber hose is thicker, the price may be slightly higher, but in general, you can choose the material and quantity according to the rubber hose you want.

What are the advantages of rubber hoses?

1. It has good weathering resistance and ozone resistance.

2. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties.

3. With high temperature resistance, oil resistance, high vacuum resistance and acid and alkali resistance, a variety of chemical drugs and other characteristics, has been used in automotive, shipbuilding, chemical, petroleum, telecommunications, instruments, machinery and other industrial fields.

Rubber Air Conditioner Hose SAEJ2064
Rubber Air Conditioner Hose SAEJ2064

Many people in the choice of products, more concerned about the diameter of the pipeline, in fact, the diameter of the pipeline has the corresponding provisions, according to the quality and quantity of the material you need to transport. When you buy, check with the manufacturer. The rubber hose manufacturer will usually give you the corresponding recommendation. This information is worth referring to.