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Silicone tubing is a widely used tubing, which can be used in medical, food, industrial and other fields. Among them, medical silicone tubing is widely used in infusion, catheterization, surgery and other medical fields due to its excellent biocompatibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. However, the price of Medical silicone tubing is much higher than ordinary silicone tubing, which makes people wonder what is the difference between the two?

Here are the main 4 reasons

  • High cost of raw materials

Medical silicone tubing is imported silicone rubber material, the smallest inner diameter can be 0.4 mm, through the biocompatibility test, the reaction of human tissue is very small, the value of human tissue will not cause foreign body reaction, the surrounding tissue does not occur inflammation, the tube can be placed in the body for 20 days without any abnormal reaction.

  • High production process requirements

The production process of medical silicone tubing needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that the product meets the quality standards for medical devices. For example, medical silicone tubing requires high-temperature vulcanization to improve its resistance to heat, corrosion, and other properties. The production process for ordinary silicone tubing is relatively simple and does not require special treatment such as high temperature vulcanization.

  • High inspection standards

Medical silicone tubing needs to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the quality standards for medical devices. For example, medical silicone tubing needs to be tested for biocompatibility to ensure that it will not have an adverse reaction on the human body. Ordinary silicone tubing does not require such rigorous testing.

  • Other Factors

In addition to raw materials, production processes, testing standards and other factors, the brand, specifications, color and other factors of medical silicone tubing will also have an impact on its price.

food and medical grade silicone hose application (1)

Medical silicone tube six performance advantages

  1. Medical silicone tube has good physiological inertia, will not harm human tissue, value human tissue will not cause foreign body reactions, and the surrounding tissue does not occur inflammation;
  2. High transparency, high hygiene grade, environmental protection, high efficiency and tasteless, can be sterilized at high temperature and autoclave;
  3. High tensile strength, high tear resistance, low shrinkage, good resilience;
  4. Strong resistance to high and low temperatures, and will not be deformed under high strength temperature, and will not produce decomposition of harmful substances, physiological inertia, biological aging resistance;
  5. In the use of raw materials, the choice is imported from abroad, silicone rubber, raw materials are after the appropriate quality testing and testing, in terms of safety and quality to ensure that there is no problem, and in the performance of the material is very good.
  6. The use of medical silicone tubing is healthy and harmless. It does not have any harm to human health, few adverse reactions after entering the body, and will not provoke the human immune system obstruction, will not damage the human body. And the application of a long time, so the scope of application in medicine is very wide.

However, although the raw materials used in medical silicone tubes and ordinary silicone tubes are the same, due to the higher requirements of medical equipment for safety, so in the production process of medical grade products needs to go through more processes, and the factory performance testing needs to be more detailed and professional, which also results in the production cost of medical-grade products to be much higher than ordinary silicone tube.