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PU polyurethane tubing this product, in real application is very common. And the range of use is very wide. When the market is in high demand, the PU pneumatic hose manufacturers produce more. So what are the advantages of PU hose? Let’s find out.

  • First, corrosion resistance
    The reason why manufacturers make such products is that they pay attention to the corrosion resistance of polyurethane hose. This material in water, air, chemical systems, can resist corrosion, therefore, can be used in many environments, will not be affected, will not delay people’s normal work.
    The production of PU polyurethane hose can have different shapes or states, and this material has good plasticity, so users can make different shapes according to their own needs or likes. Moreover, many users now have different views on the requirements of beauty, so we can also see a lot of different polyurethane hose, beautiful appearance, easy to use, beyond the traditional design.
    Third, environmental protection and energy saving, high recovery rate
    Our country has been strongly advocating environmental protection and energy saving, which seems to have become the slogan if there is environmental protection and energy saving equipment is not better. Polyurethane hose is like this, its recovery rate is very high, will not cause pollution to the environment, but also will not cause harm to people, in the real sense of the national standard. And the product is non-toxic and harmless, users can be completely at ease with use.
    Fourth, light quality, low cost
    PU polyurethane hose is lightweight, so installation and use will not cause trouble to the user. In addition, the hose cost is relatively low, long service life, so it can be said that this product for users to reduce the cost of a lot of problems for users.
pu hose pipe
PU hose pipe

It is a wide range of use, so most manufacturers will produce large quantities of products every year. In the future, as demand continues to increase, production will definitely need to keep up, and this production really brings great benefits and advantages. Check out OrientFlex’s website for more news on the industry.