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The usage of cars is increasing, and more people love car modification. Because the car will release a lot of heat during driving, so there are more requirements for silicone hoses application in cars.

The application of silicone hose in cars is mainly due to its advantages:

1. It is resistant to high and low temperature impact, and has the characteristics of insulation,, aging resistance, etc.

2. Very low odor; the release during the vulcanization process is harmless to the human body

3. No need to use primer for bonding with various substrates, high tear resistance, high insulation, wear resistance, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection

4. The silicone tube also has the characteristics of oxygen resistance, ozone resistance, light resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, stable performance, and beautiful appearance.

5. Excellent electrical insulation performance

Silicone rubber is a polymer material, with high temperature resistance (250-300 ℃) and low temperature resistance (-40-60 ℃), it has certain physiological stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and disinfection conditions, with good resilience and Permanent deformation is small (200 ℃ 48 hours is not more than 50%), the breakdown voltage is (20-25KV/mm), ozone resistance, UV resistance. Radiation resistance and other characteristics. Silicone hoses are widely used, and silicone tubes for automobiles will be the direction of development of silicone tubes in the future.

The main parts of the silicone hoses in the car are: engine, transmission brake, drive, boost transmission, etc. If you have silicone hoses’ needs, welcome to send us an inquiry, we, Orientflex, as reliable silicone hoses manufacturer and supplier in China, will give you the best suggestion and offer.