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High performance silicone hose is more and more popular in various apps due to the great property. While the marine and offshore are 2 of the most common usages. Next, let me show you why it’s ideal for above use

Resist saltwater corrosion
Marine and offshore are notorious for their corrosive nature. While the saltwater can quickly corrode metal pipes and hoses. Then cause leak and failure. Silicone hoses, on the other hand, can bear saltwater and other harsh chemicals. So that it can be a choice for marine and offshore.

Resist heat
Silicone hose can bear high temp which is up to 230℃. For example, silicone hose can transfer hot fluids such as engine oil or coolant in marine engine and power system.

Silicone hose is highly flexible, then it is easy to install and route in tight spaces. In marine and offshore, space is often not enough. So you have to rout the hose through narrow space. You can bend and twist silicone hose without kink or collapse.

Air tight
Silicone hose is air tight, so it is highly resistant to the diffusion of gas and liquid. This makes it ideal for use in marine and offshore where leaks can be a huge accident. In addition, it can transfer fuel and other fluids without leakage.

Resist UV
Such work exposes to sunlight, which can cause damage to hoses. High Performance Silicone Hose can bear the sunlight in long terms and will not break or brittle.