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automotive Silicone hoses widely serve in the auto industry due to their great properties. With the time goes on, it gradually replace the rubber hose.

Heat resistant
Silicone hose can bear high temp and are ideal for use in high-end engines and turbo. It can work at -60℃to 200℃and will not crack and harden even in a long time.

Silicone hose is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. Thus it can be a long lasting solution for auto use. Besides, it resist wear, ozone and UV which can cause rubber hoses fail over time.

Improved performance
Silicone hose has smoother internal surface than rubber hose. While this reduces friction and improves the flow of fluids through the system. Then ian improve engine performance and efficiency, as well as reduce the risk of overheat.

Easy to install
Silicone hose is flexible and easy to install, even in tight space. You can bend the hose and there will not be kink. Thus it’s easy to route around obstacles.

Silicone hose can be is various sizes and shapes. Thus you can ask for a custom hose for your special use. In addition, it can be in various colors.

In a word, Automotive silicone hoses is more and more popular because above properties. Orient is a powerful supplier of silicone hoses. We offer you air intake hose, hump hose, braid hose, elbow and many others. Contact us now and get the best price.