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There are many silicone rubber hoses in the market, How to effectively identify the good quality rubber hoses. Today OrientFlex teaches You how to choose a quality Silicone Tube by hand .All it takes is the following three steps.

1. Look the the car silicone hose appearance, to check whether it’s smooth.

2. Check automotive silicone hose Color,whether it’s shiny.

3. Scratch the silicone turbo hose surface with nails, whether it is white and then can be resumed.

Silicone Heater Hose
Silicone Heater Hose

where to buy silicone rubber hoses?

As manufacturers of silicone hoses with more than 16 years, orientflex have very rich production experiences, we can promise the hose quality are definitely no problem. Orientflex can be your trusted silicone hose suppliers.We provides professional customize service. We can design drawings and produce according to your requirements. Besides, we can also customize the package style and the mode of transportation.If you need silicone hose,please contact us