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More and more people are keen on car modification. It has become a popular trend to replace the hoses in cars with silicone hoses. Compared with rubber hoses, silicone has better flexibility. Whether it is to improve the service life or from the appearance of the rubber tube, the silicone tube is undoubtedly the most popular choice. Silicone hoses are not easy to crack and are resistant to high temperatures. The only downside is that it may be a bit more expensive for rubber hoses. But that doesn’t stop it from being one of the hottest hoses on the market.

Let me introduce the silicone corrugated hose in particular, which is different from other types of silicone hoses such as silicone meters, silicone bends, etc. in structure. The middle part of the silicone corrugated hose is reinforced by wrapped steel wire. This makes the flexible silicone hose more pressure resistant and more flexible. It also bends better. We can bend it into an S shape more flexibly, and its resilience is also very good, and it can return to its original shape.

Flexible Silicone Hose

Why did you choose Orientflex production of silicone corrugated hose?

We Orientflex have been producing and exporting silicone tubes for over 16 years and we are a trusted partner. We are very strict with silicone raw materials, production process, and quality supervision. We always focus on customers and users. As a factory, we have the strength of customization and production. If you need a silicone corrugated hose, no matter what you have requirements for length, number of reinforcement layers, wall thickness, color, etc., we can meet them. For example, if you need a 60mm silicone hose, or a 50mm silicone hose, we can produce it. Blue silicone hose is the most common color we produce, if you need other customized colors, we can also accommodate.

After years of development, our customers are also all over the world. Let me share with you that this week we just sent the shipment of silicone tubes to our European customers.
Learn more about the benefit of our internationally trusted silicone hoses and browse our wide selection of high-quality silicone hoses today!Contact us!