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A performance silicone hose is a kind of pipe fitting with excellent comprehensive performance, which has good insulation, aging resistance, chemical stability, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, good air permeability, high and low temperature performance, and can be widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical, medical, oven, food and other industries, can be used for oil pipelines, household appliances seals, drinking water pipelines seals, medicine, small appliances, electronics, automobiles, medical and other mechanical products supporting products.

Because silicone rubber has many excellent properties, it can solve the support needs of some defense military industries and civilian industries in all aspects of the equipment.

Application of high transparent silicone tube

  1. Applicable to the shipbuilding industry:
    automobile brake rubber caps, leather cups, hoses, sealing rings, exhaust system shaft seals, spark plug sleeves, ignition wires, piston rings, “O” rings for dynamic use of rotary engines, marine shockproof, hydraulic pressure System seal, oil seal, etc.
  2. Radio, motor: in the telecommunications industry:
    high-voltage caps in televisions and oscilloscopes, sealing rings and insulating sleeves for potentiometers, thyristor tube casings, sealing heads, motor stator coil insulation, contact gas sealing rings, insulating sleeves, switch shielding, conductive film on the surface of computers and telephones, keyboard switches, piezo resistors, etc.
  3. Application in the instrumentation industry:
    Diaphragms of sensitive components of various regulators, instrument heating sheets, needle-resistant rubber sheets (high silicon rubber), indicator lamp covers, ovens, electric furnaces, far-infrared heater door seals, insertion strips, Sponge door seals (replace toxic asbestos door seals), boiler seals, refrigeration device seals and hoses, various silicone rubber wiring for instrument shock absorbers (capacitor radiators, coils, transformers, transformers, etc.), electric refrigerator circuits, warm line etc.
  4. Application in the aviation industry:
    fuel oil and lubricating oil. Hydraulic oil system pump sealing ring, oil seal. A flame retardant silicone rubber part, oxygen supply system seal ring, diaphragm, valve, etc.
  5. Medical business:
    various catheters, drainage tubes, silicone rubber bionic products, etc.