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Are all food grade silicone tube transparent? In life, many people know very little about food-grade silicone tubes, and there are doubts about whether food-grade silicone tubes are transparent?
In fact, food grade silicone tube are not only transparent, but also have various colors that can be mixed with paste. Food-grade silicone tubes are divided into two types: solid silicone and liquid silicone. Most of the basic colors are translucent and transparent, and other colors are adjusted by color masterbatches. So how should you choose?
For the choice of silicone color, you need to use a color card, so that the color choice will be more accurate. Because the colors we see are biased through electronic screens, we can use color cards to solve this problem.
But the color cannot be exactly the same, the color depth of each batch of food-grade silicone tubes will have different degrees of deviation, the color can be adjusted very close, but it is impossible to be exactly the same. Therefore, we must pay attention to the production process of the product. If the product has particularly high requirements for color, it is recommended that professional toner should require closer color.