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Silicone hose is widely used in the automobile. The silicone tube is an important spare part of the automobile. It is used in various places of the automobile, such as the engine, chassis, body and so on. The safety and performance of the automobile cannot be separated from the automobile silicone tube. Today, let the silicone hoses manufacturers explain the silicone hoses for cars.

Automobile silicone pipe to transport gas, liquid a kind of silicone rubber products, by the inner and outer rubber layer and skeleton layer, skeleton layer material can be polyester cloth, arnylon cloth, polyester cloth, etc.

The inner and outer rubber layer material of the automobile silicone tube is made of ordinary silicone raw materials, oil resistant hose, acid and alkali resistant, and high temperature resistant automobile tube is made of fluorine silicone.

silicone radiator hose

Now a car should use at least 20 m hose, the number of luxury car hose assembly has reached more than 80H, more than 10 kinds.

Automobile hose in the shape of straight pipe and shaped pipe, pressure on high pressure, low pressure, vacuum, medium performance of oil, water, heat heat, cooling cooling, the use of braking, driving, pressurization transfer and other types.

silicone hoses for cars have become the representative of today’s advanced hose technology, a variety of new hose display field, is constantly moving to the high-tech field. In terms of structure, it used to be a combination of cloth, weaving and winding.