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In this piece, I want to talk about how we produce OE silicone hoses. Indeed, there are thousand of OE numbers and various of silicone hoses, suit for various applications and cars. As a silicone hose manufacturer, we own hundreds of molds for OE silicone hoses of the popular car series. But there are still new designs coming out.

Thus, we are not only using the existing molds, we are also producing molds according to customers’ needs. We have technique team, Orientflex are able to make new molds according to the drawings or a realistic sample. So, when you have OE silicone hose needs, you do not need to worry about technique issues, we are able to produce them.

The demands of standard silicone hoses are increasing, but OE silicone hose business part, we are also focusing on. We are continuously improving ourselves on production, technology, customized service, etc. We are doing better on this fields. If you have any needs for the OE silicone hose to a specific car series, please let us know.

silicone hose
silicone hose

Here are some OE[1] silicone hose sets we produced for our customers, you can check it. The colors, printing, reinforcement, all can be customized as per the needs. If you need a special OE silicone hose, you can surely find it in Orientflex.


[1]OEM explanation from Wikipedia