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Before, the market do not have corrosion resist silicone hoses. So, people more use auto rubber hoses. Now, silicone hoses gradually replace the rubber hoses. In the future, corrosion resist silicone hoses will become the main stream than rubber hoses.

Corrosion resist silicone hoses and auto rubber hoses difference

Auto Silicone hose is less smell, higher transparent, and better flexible. However, rubber hoses has big smells. Therefore, silicone hoses is more friendly in environment.

What’s more, auto silicone hose is better in corrosion than rubber hoses. These two hoses all have very good performance in corrosion. But silicone hoses is better, as it has better test data in corrosion perform test.

Therefore, auto silicone hoses is a better choice. Orientflex has produced and export silicone hoses with more than 16 years. We have very good quality. Competitive Price, Worldwide Shipping, Excellent Service, Global StandardIf you have auto hoses needs,welcome to send us inquiry.