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Automobile pipelines are mainly composed of rubber pipes and metal pipes. They are responsible for the transmission of oil, water, antifreeze, gas and hydraulic pressure. Among them, rubber pipes have the most types and are the main parts of automobiles. Compared with metal pipes, automotive hose is soft, the prefabricated part is single, and the shape can be changed; therefore, rubber tubes are often used in cooling, air conditioning and power steering lights.

The main material of the automobile hose generally adopts EPDM rubber, nitrile oil-resistant rubber, neoprene, fluorine rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, etc.; the automobile hose requires a wide range of ambient temperature; it should be used normally from -40 degrees to +120 degrees, It has corrosion resistance and aging resistance; it also has certain hardness and tensile strength.

Although the structures of automobile hoses for different purposes are different, they are roughly divided into three parts: the inner layer of the hose, the middle reinforcement layer and the outer layer. The inner layer is the layer where the rubber hose is in direct contact with the transportation medium, and plays the role of diversion and sealing.

The inner layer should have a certain thickness and be resistant to temperature and corrosion. The reinforcement layer is the part of the hose that bears pressure and has considerable support strength; it protects the hose structure and increases the pressure resistance; the outer layer is the protective layer of the hose, which plays a defensive role. It should have a certain thickness, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, Anti-friction, anti-aging and other effects.

Automotive rubber hoses are divided into low-pressure hoses, high-pressure hoses and oil-resistant hoses; low-pressure hoses are mainly used in cooling systems and heating systems, oil-resistant hoses are mainly used in fuel supply systems, and high-pressure hoses are used in braking systems.

When you open the engine compartment, you can see cooling water pipes, air-conditioning hoses, heating hoses, vacuum hoses, and power steering hoses; there are also invisible brake hoses; the uses are different, the transportation media are different, and the materials and processes of automobile hoses are also different. There are big differences; for example, cooling hoses, warm air hoses and booster hoses basically have a two-line structure; brake hoses have a multi-layer clamping structure.

Silicone Intake Hose
Silicone Intake Hose

Why should the automotive hose be designed as a rubber elbow

Due to the compact design and limited space of the engine, it is necessary to design different hoses with different curvatures according to different models. different diameters. Different lengths, in order to avoid other fixing parts in the engine compartment, the special-shaped rubber hose solves the requirement of using limited space to connect various components in the engine compartment.

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