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Silicone hoses can be divided into industrial grade silicone hose, food grade silicone hose and health grade silicone hose according to the production materials and the use of the environment and requirements. Different kinds of silicone tubes have strict quality division and quality requirements.

Because of the special chemical properties and temperature resistance of silicone rubber raw materials, it is widely used in industry, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, used to transport acid and alkaline organic solvents and dust, particles and other solids.

Braided Silicone Hose

Silicone hoses are mainly divided into the following three categories

(1)industrial silicone tube
Industrial silicone tube is mainly made of silicone tube special high temperature resistance and chemical inertness and aging resistance, can work for a long time in a high temperature environment of more than 200 degrees, ultraviolet resistance, anti-aging, usually used to transport industrial materials and chemicals. The hose is made of ordinary silicone rubber and produced by extrusion process.
(2)food grade silicone tube
Food grade silicone tube is produced by silicone material in line with food grade requirements, and catalytic synthesis by peroxide is used to ensure that the produced hose does not fall off. Food silicone hose is the best supporting hose for food filling, especially wine, beverage and edible oil filling. Food silicone hose has good high temperature resistance, tear resistance and bending, can be swinging for a long time, so it is also the ideal hose for peristaltic pump.
(3) Sanitary silicone tube
Sanitary grade silicone tube is a high clean silicone tube, the hose from the raw material must meet the United States food hygiene standards, the entire production process needs to be produced in the high clean production workshop, silicone hose is widely used in the health and pharmaceutical industry, high clean laboratories, biological laboratories and vacuum weighing and other high-end scientific research experiment projects. Medical silicone hose not only needs to meet the United States food hygiene grade standards, but also needs to meet the medical grade standards.

silicone hose
silicone hose

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