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Silicone hose offers several benefits for high-temp use. Thus it’s an ideal choice for auto and aerospace. The hose can work at high temp because it has these properties as follow.

Heat resistant
Silicone hose can bear high temp, thus it’s ideal for high temp use. For example, the engine in a car. It can work at -60℃to 200℃, while some special silicone hose can work at up to 300℃.

Silicone hose is highly durable and can expose to extreme temp, chemical and harsh place. Besides, it resists ozone and UV. Thus it’s also ideal for outdoor use.

Silicone hose is flexible and can bend and twist without failure. While this makes it easy to install in tight space.

Corrosion resistant
Silicone hose resist corrosion from chemical and solvent. Thus it’s a good choice for chemical and other harsh apps.

Non-toxic and non-flammable
Silicone hose is safe for food and medical use. It can also resist bacteria and fungus growth.

Compare to rubber hose and PVC hose, silicone hose can bear much higher temp. In the meantime, it performs well in other aspects such as durability. If you need high temp silicone tube or have any questions, please feel free to contact Orient.