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Many people actually know very little about car maintenance. A lot of car maintenance knowledge is realized after a car accident. This is what we are not willing to see.

Brake hose is an existence that is easy to be ignored by everyone. Brake hose is not as well known as brake discs and brake pads, but it is the most basic and most important wearing part in the braking system.

Brake hoses are the consumable parts. “Consumable parts” mean they are most easily damaged and replaced in braking systems. We need to regularly do the car maintenance and check the brake hoses in the car. The brake hoses need to be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the normal car use, also affect the driving safety.
brake hose

How do us check whether the brake lines need to be replaced?

1. The brake lines joint is rusted. The joints are corroded and rusted, and in severe cases, the joints will break, resulting in brake failure.

2. Brake hose drum. Although this kind of bulge will not cause the burst immediately, it is potential dangerous. If you continue to use it under the condition of bulge, it will surely cause the rubber brake hose tube to burst.

3. The brake lines is cracked. Because rubber has a certain service life, cracks will occur even if the brake hose has never been used, especially if the inferior hose is not made of high-quality EPDM material, cracks will appear soon, and will appear during use.

4. The brake hose has trauma and scratches. Then they may leak oil and burst at any time.

5. When the brake hose leaks oil, it means that it is very dangerous and needs to be replaced immediately.
brake hose

Just like other service consumables, brake hoses have their own service intervals. If you usually drive on urban roads, it has been installed and used for 3 years, or you have driven 60,000 kilometers, it is recommended to replace the brake hose of the whole vehicle.

Each auto parts have their serve life, but high quality and reliable auto parts can make driving safer and make the auto parts’ serving life longer. Auto hoses, choose Orientflex. High quality rubber auto hoses use pure raw material.