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The concept of high temperature resistant hose

The high temperature resistant hose market is also known as flame retardant fireproof insulation hose, central air conditioning insulation hose, high temperature heat insulation hose, constant temperature gas transmission hose, etc.

The high temperature resistant hose is made of high temperature vulcanized silicone hose, wrapped in light yellow 2.5cm outside the road Thick glass wool. During processing, the insulation cotton will be pressed and coated. Therefore, after receiving the cotton, the thickness of the finished pipe must not exceed 1cm, and a layer of high-temperature-resistant aluminum foil cloth is added to the cotton.

The high temperature resistant hose is to add a layer of insulation cotton on the basis of the ordinary high temperature resistant hose to play the role of heat preservation. There is a misunderstanding here, many customers will think that insulation is to isolate the heat in the hose together, and the outside temperature cannot be reached. This is a wrong idea. Insulated hoses only hold heat for a certain period of time.

Silicone Heater Hose
Silicone Heater Hose

If the internal temperature of the insulation hose can withstand a high temperature of 350°C for a long time, there will be no external temperature when the hot air starts. After a long time, the outside of the insulated hose will be a little hot to the touch. After about seven or eight hours, the insulated hose will reach the same temperature as the inside of the hose. Therefore, the insulated hose actually only slows down the temperature radiation inside the hose, and cannot always maintain the insulation.

Application of high temperature resistant hose: hot and cold air insulation guide, hot soft circulation insulation, plastic industrial particle drying, dust removal and exhaust device, heater insulation exhaust, blast furnace exhaust and welding gas exhaust, exhaust equipment, engine structure and heating engine , aircraft equipment and military equipment.

The high temperature resistant hose is coated with fiberglass cloth and silicone rubber. Silicone-coated glass fiber cloth is made of glass fiber cloth as the base material, evenly coated or calendered with silicon rubber. It is an excellent silicone rubber compound with high density and is evenly dispersed on glass fiber cloth. Silicone cloth has good air tightness and can well block the erosion of chemical solvents such as water and steam. At the same time, the excellent tear strength can prevent sharp objects from scratching or piercing the surface, effectively protecting the target object.

The high temperature resistant expansion hose produced by this glass fiber coated fabric is mainly reinforced by a steel ring on the surface. The pressure that the hose can withstand mainly depends on the thickness and density of the steel ring. The thicker the steel rings, the greater the pressure resistance, and the greater the distance between the steel rings.

The smaller the width pressure resistance, the wider the spacing, the lower the pressure resistance. The high temperature resistant telescopic hose is a kind of flexible flexible hose with a steel ring clamped on the outside of the fireproof and high temperature resistant glass fiber layer.

It is a commonly used product in high temperature resistant hoses, and the frequency of use is still high. Because it can withstand a temperature resistance of 400 degrees, it is loved by many consumers. When ordering high-temperature-resistant telescopic tubes, the prices of products produced by different companies are different, causing many companies to reduce costs and take shortcuts. For example, the spacing between steel rings is a typical example, and the spacing between steel rings can save costs.

Some low-cost high-temperature telescoping hoses break after a few hours of use, and the steel rings of the hose fall off. Most people don’t know the reason, but they think it is a product quality problem of the enterprise. However, it’s not just a quality issue.

This phenomenon can also happen if you bought a new one. It can also be said that no matter how good the cloth and steel bars are, there will be this phenomenon.
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