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The special-shaped silicone tube is a change-oriented product developed by the traditional silicone tube. Special-shaped silicone tube is a general term, which is collectively referred to as a kind of strange-shaped products. The shape of the special-shaped silicone tube is determined according to its use characteristics and use environment. These special shapes can further improve the product use. Whether it is used in insulation and safety or other industries, the appearance of shaped silicone tubes has greatly improved the previous production process.

Why need to open mold for special-shaped silicone tube

In fact, most of the conventional silicone round tubes in the hands of manufacturers have molds. Why do they need to open molds for special-shaped silicone tubes? Because the specifications and sizes of conventional round tubes are relatively fixed, and there are certain rules to be found, there are more and more conventional round tube molds in the hands of some powerful silicone tube manufacturers, and most of the specifications There are already ready-made molds. The special-shaped silicone tube has no fixed specifications and fixed shapes. Each customer’s product is different. Some are close in size and different in shape. Some have the same shape and the same specifications. The product requirements are different. Another factor It is that many special-shaped silicone tubes have signed a confidentiality agreement with the manufacturer at the beginning of the mold, so the manufacturers will not actively promote these special-shaped silicone tubes.

Silicone Intake Hose

Advantages of shaped silicone hose

Now in the silica gel market, there are many varieties and many options. Each variety has its own characteristics, some are wear-resistant, some are soft, and some are economical. But there is a lack of a product with more comprehensive performance. At least in these products, silica gel is a kind of rubber product that meets various needs. During the production of shaped silicone tubes, it can change a variety of different specifications and shapes. Different needs to produce.