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Compared with many questions about rubber hose, Today I would like to answer the following two questions.

Certainly not, ordinary rubber meets gasoline will occur chemical reaction will expand to the end may be broken, not recommended to use hidden trouble, it is best to use special.

Can you use rubber hose for natural gas?

You can use it. In natural gas, coal gas, etc are all can use rubber hose, when buying rubber hose, need to pay attention to the consistency diameter, because the hose with the internal pressure of expansion and contraction causes the hose length is shorter, so the hose should be reserved when using a little bit longer, but not more than 2 meters in length, and to keep a certain distance with gas dry, In order to prevent the rubber hose from falling off or being burnt by fire and causing danger.

Generally speaking, the service life of natural gas rubber hose is about 18 months. If the service time is too long and it is not replaced in time, it is easy to appear aging, cracking and other phenomena, and then lead to the leakage of rubber hose. This phenomenon is easy to lead to gas accidents, so it is necessary to replace the hose in time.


Two, auto rubber hoses use matters needing attention

1. When using the hose, the temperature and pressure should be so as to see whether the hose can be used.

2, the hose will expand and contract with the internal pressure, so when using, the hose should be reserved slightly longer.

3. When applying pressure, you can slowly turn on and off the valve to avoid impact pressure.

EPDM Radiator Hoses

4. When using the hose, pay attention to the use above the bending radius, which will not easily cause the hose to break and reduce the pressure resistance.

5, in the vicinity of metal parts, do not use in extreme bending conditions.

6. Do not contact the hose directly with the open flame.

7. Do not step on the hose to avoid hose damage.

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