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Many clients often ask us a question, can the PU hoses use to transfer water. In fact, you need to use the ether based PU hose to transfer water ,rather than the normal PU hoses.

The normal PU hose is mainly transfer air for pneumatic tools and machines. If use to transfer water, the hoses will become hard and split.

However, if you use the ether based PU hose, it will have very good performance.

The ether based PU hose is ideal goods to use in wet environment or transport water directly.

Orientflex not only can supply normal type PU hoses, but also can supply ether based PU hose. No matter which one you want, we both can supply.

When you have pu hose inquiry, you can tell us the application details. Orientflex will suggest you the right hoses depends on your request.

Welcome to send us inquiry.