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Silicone hose has a certain flexibility to extend, widely used in many industries. Some people will ask, when I buy the silicone hose size is not the same, can I stretch the silicone tube? That’s the question. As a silicone hose manufacturer for your answer.

When the size does not match, Someone is suggested that you can put hot water to soften the hose. I want to make it clear to you. OrientFlex silicone tube, you will not be able to stretch. It is refined at high temperature. It’s not going to expand or contract just because you put it in a hot water.

transparent silicone hose

OrientFlex High performance silicone tube are handvrafted in the most advanced factory with the top-grade material to the highest automotive standards.

OrientFlex provides professional customize service. We can design drawings and produce according to your requirements. Besides, we can also customize the package style and the mode of transportation.

We also provide order tracking service. After you placing an order, there will be a specific person track the order from the material select to process, to produce, to package to loading and to deliver. All of the information will be sent to you.

We try our best to produce the highest cost performance hose products serving the whole word and become the global one-stop supplier of silicone hose. Welcome inquiry!