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Silicone hose products are a kind of products that people often use. As a professional silicone hose manufacturer, let us introduce the main advantages of silicone products.

The raw material of silicone hose is a new type of polymer elastic material. It has excellent high temperature resistance (250~300 °C) and low temperature resistance (-40~60 °C). It has good physiological stability and can withstand repeated and severe requirements. Disinfection conditions, excellent resilience, small deformation (200 ° C 48 hours no more than 50%), breakdown voltage (20-25KV / mm), ozone resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance and other good quality.

Silicone Elbow

The special silicone tube has good oil resistance for its raw materials. For example, the main characteristics of fluorosilicone rubber have excellent oil and solvent resistance. It is very stable at room temperature for aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, petroleum-based fuel oils, hydraulic oils and certain synthetic oils, such as ester lubricants and silicate hydraulic oils. , phenylene silicone rubber has excellent high temperature radiation resistance, and can maintain elasticity when r rays are up to 1*109 roentgen.

silicone tube

Electrical performance: When the water is exposed to moisture or the temperature rises, the change is small. Even if the silicon dioxide generated by the short-circuit combustion is still an insulator, this ensures that the electrical equipment continues to work, so it is most suitable for making wires, cables and lead wires.

Surface properties: hydrophobic, non-stick to many materials, can be isolated.

Silicone tube products have many advantages, later will continue to update the knowledge about silicone hose for you, please pay attention to this website.