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PU coil tube are widely used for pneumatic tools, etc. In fact, there are also some common sizes like 8mm5mm, 10mm6.5mm, 12mm*8mm. The total lengths of 5m, 7.5m, 10m, 15m are what we commonly produce and provide to our customer.

Although as a producer, Orientflex has been developed many years, and mature in PU hose manufacturing, some new customers might also concern about the product itself.

What aspects of the PU coil tube do customers concern? A customer from Europe sent us samples of the PU coil hose. And he said to us, he needs the same hardness, flexibility, dimension, and inside hole. Before the order, he would require the sample from us also.

We would like to say much appreciated for the customer trusts us and tell us about each details and concerned factors clearly. We will make the samples according to his PU coil hose samples. We will do the test on his sample’s hardness, flexibility and measure the dimensions, etc. To help customer solve their concerns is one of Orientflex’s most important values.