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In recent years, automotive industry develops rapidly, especially the new energy cars. While more and more people has his own car. But do you really know your car well? We know that there are many systems in a car like brake system, AC system, coolant system and many others. Then this time let’s learn about the brake system. While in the brake system, the air brake hose is the most important part. Thus let me show you some common materials for such hose.

First of all, rubber
Rubber brake hose is the most used brake hose. Because it is flexible, durable and able to bear high pressure. In general it has a fibre reinforce to makes the hose more strong. While in general, the hose is made as per SAE J1401 or SAE j1402.

Second, braided stainless steel
Braided stainless steel brake hose is famous for its high strength and corrosion resistance. The inner tube is general rubber or PTFE. While the cover is high quality stainless steel. Thus the hose can resist the external impact.

Third, nylon
Nylon brake hose, also known as PA hose, is light in weight and flexible. It can resist wear, chemical and heat. Nylon hose is very popular in DIY car and racing car. Because it performs very well.

Last, telflon
Teflon or PTFE brake hose has the best resistance to heat, chemical and corrosion. It works well and remains flexible even at cold weather. PTFE hose often serves in high performance vehicles. For example, racing car.

The quality of rubber brake line hose is really important. Because it not only concerns the brake system, but also concerns your safety. Thus you should choose a high quality rubber air brake hose. While a reliable supplier also matters. Orient is such a reliable supplier for vehicle solution. If you want to learn more, just contact us.