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Silica gel is a new type of polymer elastic material, which has excellent high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, good physiological stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and disinfection conditions, with excellent resilience and small permanent deformation , The breakdown voltage is, ozone resistance, UV resistance. Radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber hose has oil resistance.
This has directly led to the application of silicone products more and more widely. Before the corrosion-resistant silicone tube appeared on the market, people used rubber tubes more for use, and the emergence of silicone tubes gradually replaced rubber tubes.

The silicone tube is a new type of silicone tube that is more advanced and more in line with the environmental protection and health that people require in the development process of industrial production. In the past, people relied heavily on rubber tubes. Even now, many factories are still using rubber tubes, but in the future, corrosion-resistant silicone tubes will inevitably replace rubber tubes and become the mainstream of industrial production.
Corrosion-resistant silicone tube is a kind of imported silica gel, and then made by advanced scientific production technology, and corrosion-resistant silicone tube is a kind of silicone tube with strong corrosion resistance, which is more corrosion-resistant than ordinary silicone tube better. Rubber tubing also has performance characteristics of corrosion resistance, so a comparison can be made between the two.


What is the difference between corrosion-resistant silicone tube and corrosion-resistant rubber tube?

From the perspective of the most basic raw material material, the corrosion-resistant silicone tube is a completely odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent, and flexible silicone tube, while the rubber tube has a pungent smell, which even The use of the most advanced production technology can not be eliminated, so from this aspect, the silicone tube is more environmentally friendly than the rubber tube. Moreover, the flexibility of the corrosion-resistant silicone tube will be better, while the mechanical properties of the rubber tube will be better.
In terms of corrosion resistance, corrosion-resistant silicone tubes are better than rubber tubes. Of course, relative to corrosion resistance, it is related to the environment in which the product is used and the method of use. There is no specific use in this regard. Index, both have very good performance in terms of corrosion resistance, of course, the relative corrosion resistance of the silicone tube will be better, no matter in which environment the corrosion performance test, the corrosion-resistant silicone tube has maintained Good test data.
Corrosion-resistant silicone tubes will inevitably be a trend in future industrial production, and will gradually replace rubber tubes as the only product used in industrial production. Only in this way can they better meet the needs of industrial manufacturers. .
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