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The corrugation forming of corrugated silicone hose is the key to manufacturing bellows. Hydroforming and mechanical forming are commonly used processes in the metal bellows manufacturing industry. It has wide adaptability and good manufacturability.

There are four types of Corrugated Silicone Hose manufacturing processes.

  1. Hydroforming process, hydroforming is a widely used and common forming method for metal bellows. It is mainly used to manufacture annular bellows, and can form bellows with a wall thickness of 0.08~4mm. Bellows hydroforming is that the tube blank is formed into a bellows in a special mold under the pressure of the inner wall liquid, when the stress exceeds the yield strength.
  2. Mechanical forming process, mechanical forming of bellows, including spinning forming, rolling forming and mechanical expansion and other processes.
    Generally speaking, mechanical forming has the advantages of simple process, easy tooling manufacturing, and high production efficiency. At the same time, there are also shortcomings such as relatively rough product manufacturing and low performance. It is mostly used in the manufacture of spiral bellows, corrugated expansion joints, and large-diameter thick-walled bellows.
  3. Rubber forming process, rubber forming process is a kind of bulging process. It uses rubber as the forming punch, which deforms like a rubber punch under pressure, and forms the corrugated tube from the tube blank according to the cavity of the concave mold. The forming method is usually single-wave continuous forming.
  4. Mechanical hydroforming, mechanical hydroforming is a forming method in which the tube blank is first rolled inward by the rolling method, and then bulged outward by the hydraulic method to form bellows. The bellows are formed by mechanical hydroforming, because the peaks and troughs have participated in the deformation, have achieved strengthening, which has played a good role in improving the elasticity of the bellows, and is an effective process for manufacturing deep wave bellows.
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