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Corrugated silicone hose is widely used in the automotive industry. Those are the main features. The following three aspects for everyone in detail.

Ring stiffness:

Ring stiffness indicates the ability of the pipe to resist external pressure. The greater the value of KN/m2, the greater the ring stiffness, the greater the external pressure resistance of the pipeline, and the thicker the wall thickness of the corresponding pipeline.


Using the drop hammer impact method, the actual impact rate (TIR) was less than 10% at 0±1℃ (it can be understood as 10 allowed 1, but not the same). The factors affecting impact resistance are similar to those affecting ring stiffness.

Ring the flexibility:

The flexible test equipment of the ring has the same stiffness as the ring, but the compression is larger. When the vertical outer diameter deformation is 30% of the original outer diameter, immediately unload the specimen, observe whether the inner wall of the specimen is smooth, whether there is reverse bending, whether it is broken, and whether the two walls are separated. The elasticity of the ring reflects the resistance of the pipe to deformation.

corrugated silicone hose
corrugated silicone hose

In addition to ring stiffness, ring compliance and impact resistance, the national standard also requires the creep ratio (reflecting the creep of bellows after deformation under the action of external forces, affecting the service life of products) and oven test (reflecting whether the bond strength of the inner and outer walls of double-wall bellows is enough and how stable the structure is).

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