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When customers need to custom made silicone hoses, they need to pay attention to the following five things, which are very important, please read carefully.

Custom silicone hose pay attention to the following five things

  1. Review drawings.
    The customization of silicone products is generally produced separately according to the needs of assembly or modeling structure, so the completeness and accuracy of the drawings are very important, which directly determines whether the silicone products produced by mold opening and proofing can be qualified for one-time trial assembly .
    When designing the assembled silicone products, it is necessary to fully consider the fit, tightness, and size of the assembly. If the design of the silicone button is too large, the button will be stuck; the silicone sleeve should be designed with a negative tolerance as much as possible, because the silicone is elastic, and if the size is too large, it will be too loose to assemble and easy to fall off. Especially for industrial silicone products, if the size design is unreasonable, it will directly affect the assembly effect and product performance.
  2. choose the matching silicone products factory.
    At present, there are many large, medium and small silicone product manufacturers in China. Some of them specialize in silicone gifts, silicone multi-color products, and some specialize in silicone buttons. Each silicone product factory has its own advantages and characteristics.
    Different manufacturers have different targets and each has its own advantages. Therefore, when we choose a suitable silicone product factory, we need to choose a suitable factory to cooperate with according to our customized products. We cannot choose low-priced manufacturers based on the quotations from all parties. Talented people, reasonable prices can produce high-quality products and enjoy high-quality and reliable after-sales service.
  3. the required technology and processing methods.
    In addition to the main silicone, some consumers also require the appearance and functionality of silicone products to achieve the expected effect, which requires certain external processes, such as sewing, transfer printing, encapsulation and coating, etc.
    The production and processing of this type of products requires more powerful manufacturers who are familiar with all aspects of craftsmanship and processing procedures, otherwise some suppliers found will not meet the expected goals.
  4. Are there any special requirements?
    Usually, the relatively large silicone product manufacturers have more requirements, and pay more attention to the category of products with more craftsmanship, while the small and medium-sized silicone foundries have to see if they are their own professional products and whether they are sure to get it done. Products, etc., but the advantage of small and medium-sized silicone manufacturers is that they have better responsiveness, respond quickly to customer requirements, and have a unique processing method, which mainly depends on the requirements of customers.
  5. Sign a contract to stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties.
    After finding a suitable silicone product factory, it is necessary to implement the details of the cooperation between the two parties. At this time, the two parties need to agree on the acceptance criteria for silicone products, negotiate the price, mold opening cycle, sample delivery, mass production cycle, payment method, etc., must be written. When it comes to the contract, do not make verbal agreements. This is also to protect the rights and interests of both parties, and everyone should behave in good faith.

The above are five things you need to pay attention to when custom made silicone hoses. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.