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As the silicone hoses manufacturer, we, Orientflex has developed more than ten years. We have hundreds of molds for making silicone hoses. The production of silicone meter hose, straight couplers, elbow hoses, reducer hoses, T-shape hoses, etc. needs different molds for various sizes.

For most of your needs, we have already have the molds for your requests. For example we have the ID 6.5mm to ID 102mm silicone meter hose molds. But besides these common sizes silicone hose, we also have the capacity to making the new molds for special requests.

The most common molds are for silicone hump hose. Because different inside diameter and numbers of steel rings need new mold. Also, you may need a silicone hump hose reducer. Such needs, we will need to make new molds.

Making new molds takes about 5-7 days, But we will actively talking to our partner-the mold factory about your needs. To make everything correct and professional. We will ensure the end product will be exactly as your needs. So you don’t need to worry about anything if you need any special silicone hoses, we will solve it.