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Compared to other type of silicone hoses, the demand for 180 elbow silicone hose is not big. However, As a professional silicone hose manufacturer, we have many 180 elbow silicone hose molds. In this piece, I want to share with you how do we deal with the 180 elbow hoses’ size issue.

I have a customer from EU market. He had a special requirement for 180 degree silicone elbow. He needs the length between each leg’s hole center to be the twice as the ID of the leg.

Before, our existing 180 degree silicone elbow molds have a fixed length between each leg’s hole center. 100mm and 150mm. Thus, for this request, we are facing technique issue that the space between the legs will be very small. If the ID very small. But we will never let our customer down.

After we have inner discussion, we tried to make the mold and try to produce. Finally we can achieve the customer’s needs. So, give the challenges to us, Orientflex will never let you down.

We can produce custom silicone hose and rubber hose. Competitive Price, Worldwide Shipping, Excellent Service, Global Standard, I look forward to working with you.welcome inquiry!