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There is something you don’t know about corrugated silicone hose.
Besides the color can be customizes, the same as other type silicone hoses. The length of silicone hoses can also be customized. The length from 300 mm to 1000 mm, all can be produced.

You can see from pictures, these are our customer from North Africa ordered different lengths silicone corrugated hose. And he decided to distinguish them by various colors.

corrugated silicone hose
corrugated silicone hose

As a reliable silicone hose producer, Orientflex has a strict quality control system from choosing the raw material (silicone raw material, fiber reinforcement raw material, helix wire raw material) to the end products’ quality inspection. Thus, the end goods has an excellent kink resistance and a long service life.

If you also need silicone corrugated hoses, our professional team will provide the most appropriate suggestions for you. Any customized needs, including lengths, special applications, special temperature needs, customized logo, etc. Welcome to talk to us, we can provide samples for you.