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How is the packaging of silicone hoses like? Usually silicone hoses are packed with a transparent plastic bag and put in a big carton box. One of customers worry about if the carton box is not solid enough to carry the silicone hoses. The concerns always come with a solution.
After discussion with the customer, besides the pallets, we add four cylindrical reels on each corner of the cartons. To make the cartons stronger. So that they can withstand higher pressure to put on it.
As a professional silicone hose producer and supplier, Orientflex has been developed for more than a decade. We always think on the customer’s side. To help solve the problems. Beside develop the production techniques, quality controls, we also focus on the service. We always review from the customers’ feedback, and do better and improve continuously.
If you have any requirements on the silicone hose packaging, you are welcome to tell us your thoughts, Orientflex will satisfy your needs.