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Some people will ask customized silicone hose need process? I would say yes, of course. Today, I will share with you the 3 processes of our company’s customized silicone hose.

Step 1: Design the artwork
Generally, the production drawings are drawn according to the sample size provided by the customer. Generally, plane drawing software, such as CDR or AI software, is used for production. If the customer cannot provide the sample, we can cooperate with the customer to complete the design and production of the drawings free of charge according to the customer’s requirements.
Step 2: Open the mold
According to the design of the drawing out the offset plate, and then use the offset to carve out the copper, and finally with the copper carving out the steel mold. Some silicone tube process mold production technology content is relatively high, the time is relatively long; Generally five days to calculate the mold opening period.
Step 3: color mixing
According to the customer’s designated international Pantone color card color number or according to the customer’s real sample color mixing, our color ratio alignment, color difference is very small.

Below is the picture of customized silicone hose for customers.

Our company has been customizing silicone hose for many years. If you need to customize silicone hose, you can contact our company to obtain a quotation of customized hose.