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Auto radiator hose is a flexible pipeline connecting the engine and radiator of the car, which is one of the key parts of the car. Radiator hoses are usually made of rubber or plastic with steel wire reinforcements to prevent them from swelling or cracking.

Auto radiator hoses can be divided into the following 2 types

1) Upper hose: Carries coolant from the engine to the radiator. The upper hose is usually made of rubber with a steel wire reinforcement.
2)Lower radiator hose: conveys cooled fluid from the radiator back to the engine. The lower hose is usually made of rubber or plastic.

Radiator hoses usually consist of the following parts

Hose composed of inner rubber layer, reinforcing layer and outer rubber layer.
Inner layer: made of rubber or plastic, responsible for sealing the coolant.
Reinforcement Layer: made of steel wire or fabric that prevents the hose from expanding or rupturing.
Outer layer: made of rubber or plastic that protects the hose from external damage.


Manufacturing Process of Automotive Radiator Hoses

The manufacture of automobile radiator hose adopts cold feeding extrusion, coreless molding, knitting preform, truncated set of mold, bare vulcanization production process. The process is as follows: raw rubber + compatibilizer – mixing – rubber filtration – vulcanization – rubber mixing – rubber testing – pressing the inner tube – inflation Knitted layer – inflated – covered with outer rubber – cut off – overmolded – vulcanized – de-molded – cleaned -Cutting head – Air tightness test – Drying – Printing marking – Finished product inspection – Packaging and warehousing.

EPDM Radiator Hose


Radiator hoses are an important part of your car’s cooling system and are critical to maintaining your engine’s normal operating temperature. Regular inspection and maintenance of your radiator hoses can help you avoid engine overheating and other problems.