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Reinforced Silicone hose serves in a wide variety of apps. While there are many types of connections to suit the special use. Then, let me share you some of the most common types.

Straight coupler
Straight coupler is one of the most common types for silicone hose. While it’s to join two hoses together in a straight line. It’s the best choice for auto.

Elbow is to connect the hose at an angle. 45 and 90 degree elbows are the most common angles. It’s ideal for a wide range of apps such as auto and marine.

T and Y-pieces
T and Y-pieces work when a hose needs to split into 2 or 3 branches. They often works in auto and industry, as well as in plumbing and HVAC systems.

Hose reducer is to connect hoses of different sizes. It widely serves in auto.

Flange is to connect hose to pipe. It’s better for high temp and high pressure use.

Quick-release coupling
Quick-release coupling works when you need to disconnect the hose easily and quickly. It often works for the apps in which frequent hose changes are necessary.

Push-fit works when you need to quickly and easily connect the hose without tools. And it often serves in auto and plumb.

From above we can see there are many methods to connect the reinforced silicone hose. But in fact, you should choose the better one as per your special use. If you have no idea about this, just consult Orient. We will offer you the best solution.