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Do silicone hoses improve performance? The answer is yes. Generally, the following three aspects need to be considered to improve the quality of silicone hose products.

To improve the end silicone hoses’ performance, we can consider to improve from the raw material ingredients or improve the production technology.

Whatever improve from which aspects, there will be a lot costs. We need R&D department people to put a lot attention to test. After thousands time failure, continuous improvement and modification, we will finally make silicone hoses’ color brighter, better thickness, better resilience, etc.

In order to be at the forefront of quality and technology, we are willing to continuously improve our product parameters and quality. Indeed, Orientflex put a lot cost in research and development. However, we will not add this part expense to our customers. We will use the same price to serve our customers’ needs. Thus, our customer can get better quality silicone hoses with the same price as before.

Quality Improvement Aspects
Silicone hoses’ color becomes brighter, better color and gloss. Many end customers like the color. The hardness and elasticity are better. They will perform better in the car applications. At the same time, we do the sizes very accurate the same as before. The wall thickness, lengths all can adjust as per customers’ needs.

Finally quality inspection department will check end product carefully. We will ensure our customers will receive the best end silicone hoses with they required color and logo. Sample is available, welcome to ask for details.