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Food grade silicone hose has smells, is this normal? First, normally silicone hose do not have smells. We produce the food grade silicone hoses in Platinum technique. Some silicone raw material has very little smells in liquids. However, it should not have a heavy smell after molding. Silicone hoses has smells, is this harmful?

Food grade silicone hose smells is not harmful

Silicone is a pure natural low carbon environmental protection raw material. It has food grade. So, it can use for food use. Moreover, it also has medical grade for medical uses. We can figure out its grade based on the test.

Maybe you can’t believe the test report. You can see European and US countries, then you can find that they love silicone goods very much . For example, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone cake molds, etc. They use silicone goods in every corner of daily life. These all are food grade silicone material.

Therefore, if you think the hoses has smells, it’s mainly due to come together of large batches silicone hoses. That’s to say, you can put the hoses in a cool place to dry for a while, the smell will dissipate.

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