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Car is a common transportation in our daily travel. Also, oil brake hoses is an key part for car brake system.

Drive so many years, are you really know the oil brake hose? Today i will take you to know about it.

How Auto oil brake hose works:

When the driver depresses the brake pedal, the booster applies pressure to the master cylinder. At this time, the brake oil will go to each wheel brake cylinder piston through the pipeline. Also, the piston will drive the brake caliper. Tightening the brake discs will slow the vehicle down. The pipeline that delivers the brake fluid is brake oil hose.


Brake oil hose location:

Oil brake hose is just above the brake cylinder, together with brake pads.

Oil brake hose material:

Mostly original oil brake hoses are rubber material. Hoses will be aged and damaged after use a long time. Therefore, Check the oil brake hose regularly is a must.  In this way, we can prevent oil brake hose from break and cause the brake to fail.

Automotive fuel Brake hose life cycle:

Fuel brake hose has a useful life due to its rubber material. Once the rubber ages, it will seriously affect the braking performance. So, this will bring fatal hazards to the driver and passenger. Orientflex suggest all the auto brake hoses be replaced every 60,000 km, or at least every three years.

As silicone auto hoses producer, Orientflex can supply:

SAE J1401 brake hose

SAE J1402 Brake hoses

Transmission oil cooler hoses

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